4 Things That Can Help Seniors Have a Better Quality of Life by Karen Weeks

Searching for the secrets to healthy aging? The real key to maintaining your physical and mental health as a senior is making the right changes to your routine habits and choices. Even the smallest tweaks to these essential healthy aging elements can make a big difference for your quality of life.

Healthier Meals and Snacks

Healthy aging starts with a healthy diet. Getting proper nutrients can be a challenge for seniors who may be struggling with tight budgets or who may need ideas for preparing healthy meals at home. If you are a savvy internet user, though, you can find plenty of simple and healthy recipes online. For example, check out a few 20-minute recipes for dinners that are just as wholesome as they are filling. To avoid turning to fast food or processed snacks when hunger hits on the go, research some simple snack options that will provide more nutrients for your body, while also being much more friendly to your retirement budget when buying whole meals. You should also be regularly taking a multivitamin in case you’re missing any essential nutrients in your diet. These vitamins will also boost your immunity and can improve hair, skin, and bone health.

Better Health Coverage

Even if you already have health insurance or health benefits, enrolling in Medicare can be a good way to take better care of your health and wellness needs if you are 65 or older. Regular Medicare has its limitations, so if you’re looking for more comprehensive coverage, many Medicare Advantage plans provide benefits for prescriptions, dental and vision care, and wellness programs that can be very helpful for seniors. You should also know how using dual healthcare benefits really works, so that you can choose the best Medicare plan for your individual situation. For instance, senior veterans can combine VA benefits and Medicare, which can allow for more choices in terms of care. 

Regular Physical Activity

You may know that you need regular exercise to stay healthy, but you may not be sure about which exercises provide the most benefits for older adults. It turns out that yoga is an excellent healthy aging workout, since it’s not only gentle and low-impact, it can also help you build strength, mobility and stability. In addition to keeping your body strong, practicing yoga can also help keep your mind sharp, which is an added bonus for senior citizens who want to preserve their cognitive functions. You can look for local classes to get started with your own yoga practice, or you can use a yoga app if you prefer to practice some beginner’s poses at home instead.

Improved Sleep Quality

With more research, we are learning just how vital sleep is to our overall health and wellness. While researchers may not fully understand the restorative processes that occur during sleep, they do know that adults and children need adequate sleep in order to maintain good physical and mental health. Quality sleep can be especially important for aging seniors, but many older adults struggle with insomnia and other issues that prevent them from getting the deep sleep they need to thrive. If you are having trouble falling or staying asleep at night, you can try creating a more relaxing bedtime routine or making changes to your lifestyle habits. If those strategies do not work, it may be worth it to speak to your doctor about your sleep issues.

Simple changes can mean the most when it comes to healthy aging. So stop searching for secrets and start putting habits that really work to use in your everyday life. Because living your best life really is up to you!

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