Welcome to Play it for Seniors*

Bill Nutting, Founder & Director

Bill is a senior marketing executive who has worked for some of the nation’s leading corporations including American Express and GE.

His specialty has been partnership programs with AARP, The American Medical Association, Apple, SONY, The National Geographic Society and Yale University among others.

A piano player and musical enthusiast, he recognized the positive influence of music on his own mother (Patty Lou) and father (Chuck).

He is leading an online initiative to connect an oversupply of musicians, entertainers, music teachers, music & art therapists, acoustic bedside musicians, senior bands, senior theatre groups and virtual reality programs with senior residence activity and therapeutic professionals.

Investing in the Future: We’re proud to say a portion of proceeds goes toward providing Yamaha digital pianos to low-income school districts in southwest Florida. These musicians, in turn, agree to play in senior living communities in the area.