Choose From Thousands of Entertainers; Music Instructors; Music, Art and Dance Therapists; Yoga Instructors; Pet Therapy Volunteers, Bedside Musicians; Plus Residents can Join Seniors-Only Acting Groups, Seniors-Only Bands and Experience State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality for Seniors

A Non-Profit Organization, Our Mission is Nationwide Entertainment, Music & The Arts to Promote Senior Wellness

Play it for Seniors is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing a variety of local entertainers, therapists and artists to enhance the lives of seniors in living communities across the U.S. ranging from INDEPENDENT to ASSISTED LIVING, NURSING CARE, ADULT COMMUNITY CENTERS, ADULT DAY SERVICE CENTERS, HOME HEALTH, MEMORY CARE AND HOSPICE.


This Senior Living Community Marketplace Includes Chat Assistance and Much More…

In addition, we offer opportunities to share best practices ideas in blogs; view testimonials; compare leading, relevant university degree programs; and find a host of valuable resources that can enable you to turn up the volume.


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